Abstrakta/halv abstrakt målningar 

Please note 

All photos of the paintings does not reveal their true colours! They reflect differently depending on light and the colour itself, and more. But they are as near real as possible.
If you are interested in investing in a painting I will send you more photos if you would like. And of course you can naturally return a painting if it does not appeal to you as you receive it. All prizes are flexible and it is possible to divide. 
Hope you enjoy your time here.

 "Livets seglats" 

Mix tech, ca 100 x100, grey, pink, yellow, gold 

Till Jessica - Tree life serien 

Mixed tech, 114 x 80, blue, green, yellow, orange, red
  - PRIVAT - 

"Epona, häst gudinnan" - Treelife serien 

Tempera, on wood (pannå), 2. 40x20cm
800 kr 

"Saga" (Fairytale) - Treelife serien 

Mixed tech, 60x40,blue, green, yellow, white

Number one Treelife - Tree life serien 

Mixed tech, 100x80 , green, blue, yellow, white 

Till Sara och Erik - Treelife serien 

Mixed tech, 100x80 cm, blue, green, yellow, white 

"Elephants perfection" 

Mix tech, 70x55, gyllene snittet(the golden section) , turkoise, rosa, röd, orange, blå, mm. 

Price on request 

"Dreamcatcher, the light horse" 

Mixed tech, 70x50 cm, blue

Price on request 

"Northern lights", Mariannes 

Mix tech, ca 100 x100, Blue, white, silver and love.

"Lily's without lilies" 

Mixed tech, 64x62 cm, blue, green, pink,
Price on request 

"Female energy dancing its way into the structure of patriarchy" 

Detail, Mix tech, 45x58, red, blue
 - SÅLD - 


Mixed tech, 40x60cm, blue, lilac, black and white. 
Målad samma kväll som Mariannes tavla "Northern light" 
 - PRIVAT - 

Landskap Norrland 

Mix tech, 45x 65, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, white etc

"Bows of nature" 

Mixed tech, ca 30x50, yellow, orange, blue, black and tapestry.

Price on request 

Detail from above "Bows of nature" 

"Blodmåne Öland 2" 

Mixed tech, 20x30 cm, blue, white, lilac

"Blodmåne" (red moon) 

Mixed tech, 20x30, blue, white, lilac

"Stand up for your light" 

Mixed tech, 50x65cm, pink, yellow, white
Not correct light in photo 

"Sakral stillhet" (sacral stillness) 

Mixed tech, ca 103 x100 cm, lilac, eggwhite, pink
 - SÅLD -