The photos 

Please observe: All photos of the paintings does not reveal their true colours! They reflect differently depending on light and the colour itself. If you are interested in investing in a painting I will send you more photos if you would like. And of course you can naturally return a painting if it does not appeal to you as you receive it. Most of the art here are framed on a simple tree frame. 
Hope you enjoy your time here.

"Jag ser dej" (I see you) 

Mix tech, 100x50 cm, röd, bronze, guld, brown
- SÅLD - 

"Oceaner av rumtid 2" ur serien Vector space (hilbert space, quantum mechanics) 

Ca 100 x100.
  - SÅLD - 

"Respekt i kärlek" (respect in love)  ur transerien (crane serie) 

Mix tech, 50x50 cm, Gul, orange, rosa, lila, neon 
 - SÅLD - 

"Vi" - Transerien (crane serie) 

Mixed tech, 70x50cm, green, blue, black
- SÅLD - 

"Våga" - Transerien (crane serie) 

Mixed tech, 45x45cm, blue, black
-SÅLD - 

Till Gunilla - Transerien (crane serie) 

Detalj, Mix tech, 50 x70cm, blue, red, black 
- SÅLD - 

Detail of above

"Oceaner av rumtid 4" - Vector space serien (hilbert space) 

Mixed tech, 102 x101 cm, blue, green, red, orange, white, lilac, etc
Price on request 

"Vi 2" - Transerien (crane serie) 

Detail, 50x50, yellow, blue, pink, lilac, green, ochra, 
- SÅLD - 

Lilla rymd tavlan 

Mixed tech, 30 x 45cm, blue, red, white, mm

"Oceaner av rumtid" - Vector space serien (hilbert space) 

Mixed tech, ca 100 x100 cm, blue, green, pink, yellow, etc. 

Porträtt Margareta Järnåker 

Detalj, teknik: Kärlek. Målat efter foto från 80 talet 


Detalj, mixed tech, horses head, portrait

"Kraften" (the force) 

Acryl, Birgittas first "real" painting in colours