Original paintings for sale

-side under updating process, soon to be

These paintings are originals  of BHJ for sale, please contact us for more info, detailed  photos and interest in investing in them.  The colours in the pictures here might be a little different in reality. Do not hesistate to ask about your favorite artwork!

All these artworks are original and you will be the only one who has it, if you invest in them. Thank You for looking in!

Joy 2 U 

Cosmosa serie, 80x100cm London red (not correct on photo), pink, lilac, gold. Price on request

Livets Seglats

Abstrakt, 100x100cm pink, yellowochre, grey, purple, white, goldPrice 7000kr 

Soulwarrior Modesty

49x60, orange, red, london red, metallic black, black, gold, Price 4500kr

Vastness in your reflection
-cosmosa serie

41x43cm ,blue, lilac, gold Price 4500kr

Hilberta Space, vastness in reflection
-cosmosa serien

35x47cm Liliac, blue, whitePrice 2800kr

Looking within - essence
-cosmosa serien

95x95 cm, green, blue, goldPrice 15000 kr 

Water Lily
- cosmosa serien

95x95 cm Blue

- cosmosa serien

94x94cm green, blue, gold, photo not correct as irl

Lady Vector
- cosmosa serien


Serenity -Quenn Neutrina
- cosmosa serien


Lilys without lily´s

50x50cm Blue, green, pink, whitePrice 3000kr 

Elephants perfection - the golden section

65x50 blue, turqouise, red, pink, purlple, sandPrice 4100kr