The Cosmosa serie

En serie med kvinnliga buddhor. 

This is a special serie - the female Buddhas. It is inspired by a poem/text I wrote. (see the poem side) I called it Cosmosa - the buddha mother. 

Mostly the term buddha is used for the founder of the Buddhism, sometimes called Siddhartha Gautama. He is said to have lived around 500 B.C.
But buddha is not a personal name, it is a title - of an enlightened beeing. 

I would like to sow a seed, a thought, a place - for female Buddhas! The male one's are of course beautiful in there own right. The female ones are stepping forward in the now. 

Hope you enjoy your time here.
All the love and all the power 

Gallery of sold paintings

All these artworks are original and you will be the only one who has it if you invest in them. However Birigtta holds the copyright of all her paintings, they appear be on postcards, posters, etc, by her choice.

"Beeing" - Cosmosa serien 

Mix tech, 100 x40. Green, turkoise, gold.
4500 kr 

"Jag är i kärlek" (I am within love) - Cosmosa serien 

Mix tech, 104x41cm, red, copper, lilac 

"The Seven Sisters" - Cosmosa serien 

Mix tech, 140x 90cm. 12000kr 
(priserna är flexibla och avbetalningsbara) 

This painting was inspired by Dalai Lamas comment at a peace conference in Canada 2009 where he said, quote : "The world will be saved by the western women".
There is also a thought of the seven sisters - the star bunch the Pleiades. And many other a sisterhood. All my love 

Sen finns även en tanke förstås om de sju systrarna - stjärnhopen plejaderna i åtanke. Och många andra systerskap. All kärlek till dej

"I kärlek" (in love) - Cosmosa serien 

Mix tech, 40x34, green, blue, turkoise.
-  SÅLD - 

"Listen to your heart" - Cosmosa serien 

Mixed tech, 47x 67cm, green, blue, gold, yellow
-  Sold - 

"Dreamvision/Soul warrior" - Cosmosa serien 

Mix tech, 101 x72cm red, metallic, gold, black. 
 - SÅLD -

A bit more about these female Buddhas 

They all have closed eyes (or?) as all buddha figures do as they are listening inward. My female buddhas also have very clear mouth, most of them, as it is there message that is important - not there looks. The message they bring is that all is equal, everything is one, we are all connected. They bring forward the feminine energy and power, to balance shakti and shiva within all. 

"Star - you are blessed" - Cosmosa serien 

Detalj, blandteknik, 93x65cm Lila, blå, guld, cerise, mm.
  -  SOLD - 

"Blue Nefertiti/Soulwarrior 2" - Cosmosa serien 

Mix tech, 70x50 cm, blue (photo not correct light) 
-   Sold - 

"Närvaro" (presence) - Cosmosa serien 

Mix tech, 46x39cm, lila
 - SÅLD -

Please observe: All photos of the paintings does not reveal their true colours! They reflect differently depending on light and the colour itself. If you are interested in investing in a painting I will send you more photos if you would like. And of course you can naturally return a painting if it does not appeal to you as you receive it.

" MånTro" (moontrust) - Cosmosa serien 

Mix tech on wood, 38x46cm, grå, 
- SÅLD - 

"Närvaro 2 " (presence) - Cosmosa serien 

Mixed tech, 68x47 cm, green, blue, yellow, gold, pink
- SÅLD - 

"Looking within 2" - Cosmosa serien 

Detail, mix tech, 98x74cm, red , pink, orange, white mm.
 - SÅLD - 

Detail "I am - within love" - see further up for complete painting.

Price on request 

"Cosmosa - the buddha mother" - Cosmosa serie, the first in this serie. Nr 1

Photo detail,Mix tech, 35x46,
- Sold - 

"Looking within 3" - Cosmosa serien 

Obs detail of big feminine face. Is she smiling?
Mix tech, 98x69cm, green, blue, gold. The photo is not correct as it is lighter green IRL. 

Price on request 

"Content " - Cosmosa serien 

30x30cm, röd och guld
- SÅLD - 

"Looking within" - Cosmosa serien 

Detail, mix tech, 93x77cm, green, gold, yellow, blue 
- SÅLD - 

"Jag är" (I am) - Cosmosa serien 

Mix tech, 40x55cm, detail, lilac, red, blue, etc
- SÅLD - 

"Sister now" 

The Cosmosa serie - (Carina/Alva) 
94x94 cm, mix tech, red, orange, yellow, blue, lilac, gold etc. 
-  Sold - 

" I glädje" - Cosmosa serien 

Detail, 50x50, red, pink, gold etc
-  SÅLD -